D&D 5e Backgrounds (5th Edition) For Dungeons and Dragons

It is important to know about the characters available with you in a game. The D&D background will help you to identify the character and will also help you to understand how they will be able to become more adventurers. After understanding the background of the correct that, you will be able to see how you can place them, particularly in the world.

Every character comes up with a different background, and it is a must for you to understand before you are implementing your skills over them. When it comes to looking at the types, there is multiply available. You need to understand how these are particularly dealing with it.

Types of official D&D 5E backgrounds

Here we will be going to mention the official D&D 5E backgrounds, and you will be able to understand which one will suit as per the requirement. Whenever you are looking forward to incorporating them with your Dungeon master, you will be going to have every particular detail about them.


In an acolyte, one will be able to choose any two available 5e languages, and these are not available with any particular tool.

Basically, they know their own things. They do not have anything to deal with other things at all.


In charlatan, no selection for language is given, and also the tools available with them include a disguise kit and forgery kit.

Basically, they know about the game very well. They are considered to be the masters, and they know how to deal with things more efficiently.


In criminal, no particular language selection is there are the tools available with them include gaming set 1 and Thieves tool.

Basically, they are the one who knows the right people. They will not be going to trust anyone who is not in the game.


In entertainers, no language selection is there, and the tools available with them include disguise kit and musical instrument tools.

Basically, the entertainer is among those who know how to know things. They are considered to be the one who will be going to entertain you throughout the game.

Folk hero:

No language selection is available in folk Hero, and the tools available with them include artisan tools, vehicles, and so on.

Basically, a folk hero is considered to be the one who knows about the people. They know about the character of a person and will also help you to understand how they are beneficial for you and how they can harm you.

Guild artisan:

A player can select any one language, and all the artisan tools are available with them that will help them to be in the game.

Basically, they are considered to be among those who know about the trap. After knowing about the trap, they use to work in the same manner only.


For hermit, only single language selection is available, and they will be able to play with tools like Herbalism kit. They are among those who know the secret. They are the secret keepers as well. And some other types of D&D backgrounds are available. A player can choose accordingly and then further be in the game.

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